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Join the Consultant Network

Join "Bitcoin for PEACE," a project aimed at advancing world peace through Bitcoin adoption.


As an independent consultant or educator, you’ll be part of a referral network helping mission-driven organizations and individuals integrate Bitcoin safely and effectively.

Benefit from a range of exclusive resources: participate in private masterminds, appear on our podcast, and engage with our dedicated Telegram group.


Share your expertise on our blog, covering topics from security to societal impact, etc and help shape a knowledgeable and empowered Bitcoin community.

As a value exchange, we ask you to contribute an 11% referral fee on business that is sent your way to support the costs of running this project.


Join us to foster global change and create a peaceful world with Bitcoin!


Share with your fellow educators and consultants! 

Are You an Expert in 1 or More of These Areas?

Until we have hyper-bitcoinization, we need more high-quality educators and consultants helping new users to adopt Bitcoin safely and effectively.


Join the Peaceful Revolution 

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