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Coach Emma

To support individuals and communities in conserving their energy to sustain their health and wellness in today's digitally enhanced world.


Emma holds a doctorate in community health and master's in health education. She is an educator, researcher, and author who recognized the revolutionary potential of Bitcoin in 2021. Intrigued by its intersection with work, life, and health, she became a passionate advocate for its ability to improve individual and community socioeconomic outcomes both locally and globally. Emma offers Bitcoin education for beginners with Dream Grad Academy and is Mentor at Her most recent writing has been featured in Bitcoin Magazine: 'Bitcoin & Public Health: Addressing the Debt Money Crises.'

Areas of Expertise

Adoption, Education, Content Creation, Society and Cultural Implications, Optimal Wellness and Personal Development

My Clients

Non-Profits, Individuals, *Other, Young Adults, Families and Kids, Small to Medium Business, Enterprise, Government


Hourly and Discounted Packages, Monthly Retainers, Workshops, Speaking, Courses, *Other


$300 USD/hr; $5,000 USD speaking fee



Time Zone


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