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James Costello

Our goal at Phantom Power Music is to empower Independent Musicians around the world to monetize their art in the "Value4Value" model.


In addition to being a lifelong musician with commercial releases, studio time and 4 years of touring under my belt, I also have a B.S. in Advertising and an MBA in Sustainable Business. Professionally, I have a been a "serial entrepreneur" my whole career, having been a General Contractor, Senior Loan Originator, Sales Director for international teams in produce, engineering and entertainment, as well as a business owner in several industries. Music is still my main passion and I actively play around the Nashville area with a jazz trio, rock band as well as my daughter.

Areas of Expertise

Business and Non-Profits, Adoption, Education, Content Creation

My Clients

Small to Medium Business, Enterprise, Individuals, Young Adults


Advisory Board, Courses, Speaking, Monthly Retainers, *Other





Time Zone

CST (Nashville)

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