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Joyful Joey

For individuals to address their unresolved triggers, and therefore become emotionally sovereign, truly antifragile, and create a more sound society


Joey is a psychology and sovereign medicine student turned bitcoiner. He has also been a bookkeeper over that timeframe, and now works with Satoshi Pacioli to provide accounting/tax services for bitcoin startups and individuals. Joey is also Secretary for The Space—Colorado's Bitcoin community hub.

His primary peace offering is as an emotional healing practitioner and educator who focuses on harnessing our body’s natural ability to self-heal & regenerate, so we can rediscover our destiny to thrive. He helps teenagers and adults resolve their emotional stress, overwhelm, and anxiety for a lifetime—without requiring meditation, yoga, or talk therapy.

Areas of Expertise

Optimal Wellness and Personal Development, Apps, Lightning, Layer 2, NOSTR, Society and Cultural Implications, Finance and Economics, Adoption, Education, Content Creation, Business and Non-Profits

My Clients

Non-Profits, Small to Medium Business, Individuals, Families and Kids, Family Offices, Young Adults, *Other


Hourly and Discounted Packages, Workshops, Speaking, Courses, Onsite Training, Monthly Retainers, *Other


$300/Emotional Resolution; $250 if BTC; sliding scale for those in need



Time Zone

Mountain Time

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