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Michael Leonardi

My mission is to use my experience and expertise to expose people to the soundest money every created (Bitcoin).


I am a licensed CPA and Fractional CFO as well as a Bitcoin and digital asset solutions strategist with 25 years of accounting, finance, and operations experience. I have a passion for Bitcoin and helping people and companies take control of their assets in a self-sovereign manner using freedom enhancing technologies.
I have a strong expertise in helping growth-oriented companies solve complex challenges utilizing a combination of technology and leadership. I am knowledgeable in the unique challenges of both early-stage technology startups as well as mature organizations pursuing M&A.
I have a degree in Accounting from George Mason University and began my career with PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Areas of Expertise

Adoption, Education, Content Creation, Finance and Economics, Business and Non-Profits, Security and Privacy

My Clients

Small to Medium Business, Individuals, Enterprise


Onsite Training, Speaking, Advisory Board, CBO - Chief Bitcoin Officer - Fractional, Hourly and Discounted Packages, Monthly Retainers





Time Zone

Hawaii & MST (live in Hawaii but have clients in Colorado)

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