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Tyler Stevens

My vision is two fold: Help reduce heating bills and decentralize mining with heat reuse designs. Build the best bitcoin community hub in the world!


Hey! My name is Tyler - The bitcoin maximalist thermal engineer!

I'm a mechanical engineer by education and practice. I have experience in manufacturing and heat transfer analysis within the aerospace industry.

I founded Exergy LLC, an engineering firm focused on decentralizing bitcoin hashrate with heat-reuse thermal system designs. Save on heating bills by mining for heat!

I offer a wide variety of services, from engineering consulting, thermal system design, market research, educational content, energy-economic audits, as well as blog posts. If you need an engineer's input, or pay for heat in your business, I'm your guy!

I am also CEO of The Space, a Colorado bitcoin community hub!

Areas of Expertise

Mining and Clean Energy, Finance and Economics

My Clients

Small to Medium Business, Individuals, Enterprise, *Other


Monthly Retainers, Speaking, Courses, Hourly and Discounted Packages, *Other





Time Zone


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