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Valerie B Love

Consistent world peace.


DJ Valerie B LOVE - “The Vibe Goddess” is a DJ, entrepreneur and founder of Bitcoin for PEACE, an educator and consultant network committed to accelerating world peace by educating mission-driven companies, NGOs, funds, and family offices on why integrating Bitcoin into their business models can achieve their social, environmental and financial goals.

Peaceful Money = Peaceful World

She hosts the Bitcoin for PEACE Podcast and has been called a “force of nature” interactive speaker and DJ on stages across the world, like Bitcoin Atlantis in Portugal, Adopting Bitcoin in El Salvador, global Women in Bitcoin events, Burningman, Miami, Egypt, Malaysia and beyond.

Areas of Expertise

Optimal Wellness and Personal Development, Adoption and Education, Business and Non-Profits, Society and Cultural Implications

My Clients

Non-Profits, Small to Medium Business, Families and Kids, Individuals, Family Offices


Hourly and Discounted Packages, Monthly Retainers, Onsite Training, Workshops, Speaking, CBO - Chief Bitcoin Officer - Fractional, Advisory Board


500,000 Sats/hr



Time Zone


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