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Wyatt O'Rourke

Help clients integrate the bitcoin ecosystem into their finances with strategic foresight to optimize their fiscal autonomy and individual sovereignty


Firm- Basilic is wealth management firm focused on tax optimization and bitcoin financial services. We are at the forefront of blending the bitcoin ecosystem with modern wealth strategies. Our approach champions proof-of-work, empowers sovereign individuals, and embraces merit.

Personal - My style is to blend financial savvy with a passion for Bitcoin and libertarian values. I seek to offer my clients and piers with a fresh, informed perspective on wealth management. I am interested in the intersection of behavior, incentives and markets. My thoughts are inspired by the works of Srinivasan, Booth, Alden and many more. My values stem from my Catholic faith. e/acc. #1 YIMBY

Areas of Expertise

Finance and Economics, Security and Privacy, Business and Non-Profits, Adoption, Education, Content Creation

My Clients

Small to Medium Business, Individuals, Family Offices, Investment Advisors, Pension Plans, Families and Kids, Enterprise, Young Adults, Non-Profits


Hourly and Discounted Packages, Monthly Retainers, Speaking, CBO - Chief Bitcoin Officer - Fractional, Advisory Board


$100 hr



Time Zone


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