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Bitcoin for PEACE

Short Story Collection

Everyone has a before and after story to share about how Bitcoin has transformed their lives.

Remember "Chicken Soup for the Soul"? 

This story series is inspired by that model and aims to create a collection of written and multi-media stories demonstrating real-world impact of Bitcoin adoption. 

We will publish these stories into books and use proceeds to support Bitcoin for PEACE education initiatives and share proceeds with authors using V4V and splits.

Some stories of transformation include:

  • Are freed from violence & oppression. 

  • Have health breakthroughs.

  • Experience spiritual awakenings.

  • Have relationship transformations.

  • Reconnect with nature and Earth.

  • Find new careers and purpose.

  • Rise out of poverty and debt.

  • Quit substance abuse.

  • Electricity in remote villages.

  • Discover inner truth and peace.

  • Connect with kindred changemakers.

What is your story? 

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