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Joshua Groth

I would like to see every person have the tools and knowledge to safely and confidently use Bitcoin as a foundation for peace and prosperity for all.


Joshua is a passionate Bitcoiner who has been living on a full bitcoin standard since 2019. Studying Austrian Economics, history, and more, the Bitcoin path has led to an understanding of the world’s current state of affairs as we all move towards transitioning to a Bitcoin standard.

Seeing a gap in tools and how-to’s for owning and using bitcoin, he has innovated a self-custody kit that aims to provide safe and confidence-inspiring best-practices for ownership of bitcoin based on individual life circumstances. Wether you are a global traveler, have a citadel in the mountains, or are raising a family in the city, own and use your bitcoin with confidence, knowing that you are fully prepared.

Areas of Expertise

Adoption, Education, Content Creation, Finance and Economics, Security and Privacy, Optimal Wellness and Personal Development, Business and Non-Profits, Society and Cultural Implications

My Clients

Non-Profits, Small to Medium Business, Individuals, Family Offices, Families and Kids, Investment Advisors, Young Adults


Hourly and Discounted Packages, Monthly Retainers, Onsite Training, Workshops, Speaking, Courses, CBO - Chief Bitcoin Officer - Full-Time, CBO - Chief Bitcoin Officer - Fractional, Advisory Board, *Other





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